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Hello Everyone,

Happy to share results that have just been announced for top destinations in the annual TripAdvisor Best of the Best Awards. Miami & Miami Beach raked in top honors in the travel categories of Best Overall Experience, Best Food and Most Popular.

Miami and Miami Beach are joined by only Las Vegas as destinations ranking in the top 10 in each of the three categories. Important to point this out when one looks at all the competition listed. 

Congratulations to all who promote and deliver the overall diverse experiences, and congratulations to Miami & Miami Beach – one of the truly unique destinations that has it all. 

3rd Best in U.S. in Top Overall Experience 
4th Overall in U.S. in Best Food Experience 
8th in U.S. in Overall Most Popular 

Great to see the traveling enthusiast recognize all that is happening here. And an important point of why the diversity of our programming and storytelling (i.e. Cuisine and Heritage) helps position our destination’s reputation and value proposition.

This week’s newsletter adds to those initiatives that fuel this all.


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David Whitaker, President & CEO
Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

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